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Die Cutting, Foil Stamping and Embossing in Woodbridge, VA
Die Cutting, Foil Stamping And Embossing

Die Cutting, Foil Stamping And Embossing

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

A Die Cut is created by using a sharp steel blade formed into a specific shape, then cut through the paper. Think about how a steel cookie cutter would work; just substitute the dough with paper. The shapes for die cutting are nearly limitless—circles, squares, holes, curves, stair-stepped, rounded corners, sharp points, just to name a few.

The die cut form, or "die", is usually customized to the piece it is creating, and it creates a very crisp, smooth edge that can include fine detail and a very distinctive look, which cannot be achieved with a standard cut.

The products you can use die cuts on are wide ranging. Many people add eye-catching details to their business cards with die cutting, but you can also use the process on door hangers, brochures, postcards and presentation folders, to name a few.

Foil Stamp

Foil Stamp

Foil Stamping is a special finishing process in printing. Usually used as an accent to a piece to add flash or prestige. It requires making a die and the process of transferring the foil is done by a combination of heat and pressure. Foils come in metallics, pigments, patterns and many other configurations. Foils are much more opaque than normal printing inks so they will usually cover anything they go over.

Foil stamping, typically a commercial print process, is the application of pigment or metallic foil, often gold or silver, but can also be various patterns or what is known as pastel foil which is a flat opaque color or white special film-backed material, to paper where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.



Embossing uses a specially-made die under high pressure to form a raised three-dimensional impression that allows you to literally feel the design. It is a graceful effect that brings a touch of class to your piece.

Embossing is typically accomplished by applying heat and pressure with male and female dyes, usually made of copper or brass, that fit together and squeeze the fibers of the substrate. The combination of pressure and heat raises the level of the image higher than the substrate, while "ironing" it to make it smooth. In printing this is accomplished on a letterpress.

One of the most popular machines used for create embossing effects is the Heidelberg Letterpress like the one at Accurate Printing.

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